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Make the most of your online presence. With my Free E-Course, I’ll show you how to:

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Every good website or business needs a logo. A logo is the identifier that helps make your brand identifiable. It also boosts your image, makes you look professional and to be taken seriously. Think about every time you drive past the ‘golden arches’ – you know there’s a McDonalds restaurant there – simply by seeing […] Read More

get 1000 twitter followers

You launch a new website. No subscribers, fans or followers. But you want to get people checking out what you’ve worked so hard on to show off. Where to start? Enter Twitter! Why Twitter? In my opinion, building a small ‘base’ following is the first thing you need to do to get people onto your […] Read More

A Checklist for the perfect Blog Post

“The Perfect Blog post” – what the hell does that mean? Well, everyone is going to have their own spin on it but to most it’s a post which acts as a pillar for your website. It has so much substance and quality that people subscribe for more, they share it because they want more […] Read More

Email vs Social Media

I’m not breaking new ground here, but I think it still needs to be said. When compared with Email, Social Media doesn’t deliver the traffic that most people want for their websites You’re probably thinking Facebook is taking over or that Twitter is quickest way to build traffic but that’s not what the numbers and […] Read More

no website = lost money

OK, I hate blanket statements but if you’re starting or running a small business you’re going to need an online presence in this day and age.  If you manage to keep going without one, you’re leaving behind a LOT of potential customers… This whole article will seem like common sense to some, but it has […] Read More

Creating your First WordPress blog Post

Everyone starts somewhere! WordPress is such a powerful platform that it’s attracting people from all walks of life to start a website and share what they have to say with the world. Everything from tips and tutorials down to how much they love Game of Thrones or what their favorite shoes look like. Either way, creating WordPress […] Read More


Remember when you first started your blog and couldn’t wait to hear what people had to say about, ah, what YOU had to say? You write up your first blog post and check your analytics  and of course – your comments. You log into WordPress and BAM – 36 comments! SWEET! Your thoughts? People have […] Read More

Wade McMaster

An awesome design is essential to a respectable website.  You can easily do this yourself by customizing a theme, finding one already designed or even by hiring a professional designer. But 99% of people screw up their design! How?  Well what makes a good design? After all, you want to make sure that if you’re putting […] Read More

Speed up WordPress like a Rocket powered Tortoise!

I hate arriving at a slow website. You click the link land and you’re ready to read some useful content but instead you star at a blank screen for a few minutes. While I’m a patient guy, I can’t help but turn back around and forget about that website.  So is website speed important? Did […] Read More


These are super quick and easy! Why would you want to increase your Memory Limit? Well, everything runs much smoother of course and when a script is being run it has more room to move. But the main reason I found myself doing this is because of an error.  Have you ever seen this error before […] Read More

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