Builder for Repsonsive Wordpress Theming

It’s true, if you don’t have a responsive layout on your website then you’re just not up with the rest of the world anymore! It’s not only about trends, it’s about giving your audience more flexibility – to access your website on any size screen or on any device – and have everything still very … Read More

Final Product

If you’re like me you enjoy tinkering around with your design and settings in WordPress, seeing if you can’t accidentally destroy your website! But the results aren’t always what you want the public to see.  Even when you start a website it’s better to have some content up before going public. But how do you … Read More

Jason Vorhees

Is backing up your website important? Well, what are the chances that your website will up and disappear? Higher than you think! There have been horror stories, there’s no Hockey masked villains out there to destroy you but definitely some bad people who may attempt to hack your website… …and possibly succeed! Maybe you’ll perform … Read More

New Look and New Approach

Yep, a Hamburger.

Ever had one of those hamburgers with too much in it?  You pick it up and the the food just pours out one side (or many) and it becomes a challenge to eat without getting it all over yourself. This website was a lot like that hamburger. It all started out as a way to … Read More


You’ve heard of a CMS or Content Management System (eg WordPress), but what about a Design Management System? This basically allows you to design a website easily without coding experience. Pagelines have released the first DMS (well almost released), and it’s pretty exciting stuff. I’m a ahuge fan of Pagelines’ software as it has made … Read More

effortless responsive pagelines

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  THIS SOFTWARE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, INSTEAD I RECOMMEND CHECKING OUT ITHEMES BUILDER FOR AN EASIER SOLUTION! Everyone is talking about Responsive Website Design these days. With Smartphones taking over and the popularity of tablets and iPads growing, having a ‘one size fits all’ website is slowly becoming a necessity if you plan … Read More


Thinking of starting a website?  Getting a domain name and decent hosting is an unavoidable necessity.  But while choosing a host is relatively simple, choosing a domain name may not be. First of all, what kind of domain should you get?  With only so many names available, what name best suits the purpose of your … Read More


Wojciech Magierski is a digital artist who has managed to create some stunning work in recent years. A graphic designer from Poland, his focus seems to be specifically on photo manipulation and illustration after discovering as a teenager that he could start painting digitally in Adobe Photoshop as opposed to on paper of canvas.  His … Read More


Not long ago I did a post on a design challenge which involved designing 30 logos in 30 days.  After a bit of thought, I thought I’d do it myself and post each logo on Facebook as I go. Why take the challenge?  To improve my creativity and get my brain working hard to come … Read More


You’ve probably seen these before, but they’re still cool! There’s a real art to what some of the artists out there have done to achieve the pictures below.  I was actually looking at a few of these pictures when I was motivated to turn a man into an alien in Photoshop.  They’re all pretty cool … Read More

Wade McMaster

Hi, I’m Wade.

I’m responsible for this mess, welcome!
I’m not good with code, but I love creating popular websites – and it’s dead easy!

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