Mary Meeker was right: Mobile did overtake fixed internet access before 2014 ended. Now, as 2015 draws to a close, number of mobile users on internet outstrips ‘fixed’ inter-net-izens. It can’t be clearer: There’s no point in dawdling anymore and you need a solid mobile marketing strategy. Say, you already have a great website, but […] Read More

How & Why you should create powerful 'Top List' Posts

These days ‘top list’ posts are everywhere, and with good reason. They generate a lot of traffic because they are absolutely packed with information, people love to read them and they’re formatted in a way that is incredibly inviting and easy to read. They are the preferred format for a lot people and many successful bloggers swear […] Read More

Create a Stunning WordPress Theme with Divi 2.0

Designing websites is fun, hell I’ve redesigned this site at least 5 times in the last few years…. …I think I might again sometime. 😛 These days there are countless customizable themes, and they’re constantly raising the bar on each other and a lot of them are very similar. But recently I discovered the Divi […] Read More

Email List Building WordPress Themes

You’ve read it before – “The money is in the list”. Yeah, the email list. I won’t go on about the benefits, you can read more about that here, but there is one thing I’d like to help you with in regards to growing your email list – getting your WordPress theme set up to […] Read More

BufferApp logo

Automate is an evil word, right? In a world full of fat, greasy spammers (that’s how I picture them, sorry) and people pushing their content mindlessly on their fans without any kind of filter, you’d think I’d be against automating social media. Well, the key is to do it tastefully and offer some value. I’ve personally used […] Read More

Wade McMaster

So you’ve been writing a heap of content lately? You’re publishing posts once, twice maybe even 3 times a week and not seeing the results that excite you?  Your content isn’t doing it’s job. WTF to that! Well, don’t be so eager to blame your content (god, you’re so mean), it’s only one factor in the […] Read More

Backlit keyboard

The ultimate secret to engaging people with awesome blog posts is to sit down and write 1 million 500 word articles about the same old shit! That’s according to a lot of small websites out there… …you may not have seen or even heard of these websites, that’s because they “write 1 million 500 word articles about the […] Read More

As you may or may not know, I like to talk about the crazy things you can achieve as an average person with a website. It can change your life and the lives of others in many ways.  But the idea and ability to send your message to hundreds, thousands or possibly millions of people is so […] Read More

60 Social Media Post Ideas

Everyone is on Social Media these days. They’re there so that they can spread the word about their brand, website or even just to showcase their cutting edge selfies and impose their duck-faces onto the public at large. This is the way of the world today.  It’s a platform that gets people talking, exchanging, showing […] Read More

social media boxes are bad, mmmkay

Yes. Post over! Well, not really – I’m sorry. The question is ‘how aggressively should you promote your social media profiles?‘ The truth is a lot of people overdo it. They pop those follow boxes in their sidebar, and at the bottom of their posts and even in pop ups!  “Like our page to view […] Read More

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