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This is a very young but growing section of Design Web Identity.

Getting the exact look you want in a theme can be difficult with little to no know-how, so we’re starting to create guides on getting the most design flexibility out of your WordPress theme. Below is the list of themes and their ‘how-to’ design guides!


Divi Theme

Quite possibly the most powerful customizable theme out there, the Divi theme make it easy to create websites with the added features of animations and page sections so you can avoid the whole coding game altogether!

Check out our guide on the Divi Theme:


Builder for Repsonsive WordPress Theming

Customizing iThemes Builder

Using the Builder Theme you can achieve almost any look you want with a responsive layout straight out of the box!  Builder is a theme designed specifically to be 100% customizable giving you the ability to change the order and complete arrangement of you theme, colors, fonts and widget areas.  I’ts without a doubt my top choice!

Responsive Design with Pagelines

Pagelines Pro

Unfortunately, this theme is no longer available.  But if you’ve got it we have a quick walk-through on how to get the look you’re after! Once again, everything is responsive by default and the drag and drop options give you maximum flexibility.  But if you’re looking for a new theme, I’d go with iThemes Builder (above). Read our guide here.

It’s all quite slim at the moment but more are coming.  If you want to keep up to date and learn about new guides as they become available then Like us on Facebook!



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