Install WordPress on Host GatorIf there’s one thing I find consistently reliable when it comes to websites it’s WordPress.  

WordPress is the mainstream blogging platform (as well as standard website creation platform) that has literally millions of people using it and offering advice on it’s operation.  On top of that you’ve got hosting companies like Hostgator setting up their service to make WordPress hosting and installation very easy and stable.

But you may not be exactly sure how to install WordPress, so below is a video guide to installing it onto a Hostgator account – it’s really only a few clicks.  So no more blabbing on, and down to business!

Step by Step Video

For convenience I’ve also embedded a video made by HostGator on how to install WordPress.

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As you can see it’s only a few clicks.  If you cannot view the video however, you can read how to install WordPress step by step by simply following the instructions found here on the official website.


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