Finding the right tools to get the job done can make your life a hell of a lot easier!  Below are a list of what I consider to be the best in their field of expertise and should give you the best results.

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Websites & Online Tools

  • Hostgator – I Recommend Hostgator to anyone starting a new website for their hosting and domain name registration. You can also set up WordPress in a few clicks with Hostgator  They offer 24/7 customer support and guarantee 99.9% uptime. (Get 20% off here)
  • Backup Buddy – Set and forget your backup process and always have a copy of your site to fall back on when things go wrong. Check out our guide on how to backup your WordPress website.
  • WordPress – The leading Content Management System in the world for building simple but powerful websites and blogs.
  • Google Analytics – An awesome and free tool for seeing how visitors your website is getting, as well as where they’re from, who referred them and what pages they viewed (plus a hell of a lot more), well worth signing up for!

Graphics & Stock Images

  • Shutterstock – The world’s leading stock photography & vector art site, you’ll find the best royalty free images in the world here at a decent price
  • iStock – Another top Stock Photo & Vector site which is my second preference after Shutterstock for premium photos
  • Free Images  – A free stock photo site.  Free Images offers reasonable photos but at not cost!

WordPress Themes

WordpressThe following  websites offer top wordpress themes to help bring a professional look and feel to your website, each suiting a different purpose.

  • Elegant Themes –  The best place to find creative pre-designed themes, that really make you website stand out.  The best thing is that you get access to all of their themes for the price of one – including the highly customizable Divi Theme.
  • Builder – An excellent and easy to customize premium theme with great ease, I use it for a lot of my websites.
  • The Thesis Theme for WordPress – This customizable theme is engineered for great SEO, making it easier to rank on google.
    (Alternatively you can find free themes with limited functionality through the WordPress dashboard.)


A few handy E-books for learning how to get the results you’re after. 


If you run a website and talk about products and services, you can try monetizing your website with the tools below.

  • Google Adsense – The best Pay Per Click network on the internet – a great way to make some easy bucks.
  • Commission Junction – A huge marketplace of products of all types to sell and make a decent commission from.
  • Clickbank – Find very high commission digital products to sell on Clickbank.
  • Share a Sale – similar to commission junction, a wide range or physical and digital products to sell with decent commission.
  • Amazon Associates Program – Anything you find on Amazon can be sold for a commission – this is a powerful affiliate program!

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